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Helios God of the Sun. Love Powers Life

Beliefs in an all-seeing all hearing sky Father God is as ancient as the human race's first glimpse of the Sun. Helios' life-giving energy is powered by love.
Text title Helios

Summary of Contents: Helios in Mythology | Arrival and Appearance | Starlight in Everything | The Weird Thing About Sunlight | Sunday | Path of Life | How the Sun God Is | Starlight Control | Love Powers the Plan

Helios in Mythology

God Helios is listed as the son of Titans Hyperion and Theia. Some later stories described Apollo as the God of light and Helios God of the sun.

Homer named Hyperion as the sun God.

The peoples of ancient Egypt named him Ra.

Helios Mythological references

Goddesses, Gods and You

What kind of Heaven do you expect. Soft fluffy paradise of eternity, or oblivion of nothingness? Out-of-body survival expert Margo Williams discovered a surprisingly simple system of management and afterlife recycling.

There are many goddesses and gods in the community. Speaking their name aloud evidently sends a signal; creates a link to wherever they are at any given moment. If it works for you as it worked for Margo, and they respond, be respectful but be yourself. Honesty and thoughtfulness are appreciated.

Sacrifice nothing but your time. Most of them seemed approachable and appreciated being remembered.

The ancient temples that still can be found in some places, although mostly broken, are huge monumental structures; impressive sacred spaces, their scale designed to impress, to be worthy of divine visitation.

However, it is not the size and splendour of any sacred space but the sincerity of the person seeking contact.

Photo image of Margo Williams in Africa
Margo Williams in Africa
"Is Apollo god of the Sun, or Helios?" Nick Hammond asked out-of-body survivalist Margo Williams.

Helios Arrival and Appearance

"I cannot claim to have all the answers, in fact I do not think I have many answers at all. Only what was told me from time to time, and what they expected me to figure out for myself.

They never were so forthcoming as the old myths would have us believe.

I endured their many various tests, spent time with them. Believed they did in their own ways, to some degree 'open up' to me though conversation wasn’t what you would call it.

Alone in their company sometimes was frightening, sometimes not but I always felt apprehensive. Intimidated by the close presence of someone so much greater and more powerful, though some did try to help me relax.

Perhaps a failure on my part, given the opportunity, not to ask personal questions but what I did find out I have mostly related.

And this is a good time to state, in my opinion Helios is God of the sun and its light.

Sunday morning was chosen as the time to attempt contact.

Helios' arrival started small. A peach-sized glowing orb of golden light appeared, it radiated warmth and pulsed slightly to the sound of his voice.

"The fruit ripened by my rays and turned into wine is appreciated," he said. "I accept the words spoken. You are in my presence and hear me. I am pleased."

Thin rays of light appeared from all angles. Didn’t emanate from the orb, instead they shone from somewhere beyond sight.

They moved, criss-crossing bisecting like laser lines. Colour slightly different to the golden light used by other Gods. These had additional faint green lines combined with gold.

Suddenly they stopped moving, as if an assessment had concluded.

Multiplicity of rays fused together into a wide golden beam that shone directly onto my chest, only for a moment then coalesced into a single slow-rotating beam, four feet wide. It pulled me forward like metal to a magnet.

"You are trembling," said Helios. "You need not fear me. I draw you closer so you may feel the warmth and power."

Instinctively I resisted.

"Margaret, you are well protected but we cannot protect you against fear." Surprisingly he spoke my name. "Have courage."

Starlight in Everything

I let the light pull me. Instantly all control was lost.

Had no sense of body, as if I had merged with the light, wholly part of it. Light and I were the same. It lasted only for a moment, then full control of my body was restored.

I arrived. Deposited into a wheat field. Warm sunshine, gentle breeze carried insects and bird-song.

"A field where the wheat is ripe and golden is full of energy," said Helios though I could not see the orb.

I noticed a tiny pinprick of light in the bark of an oak tree growing at the edge of the field. The adjacent tree also emitted a tiny golden light, too; and the next.

Each tree possessed a speck of gold in its bark. Hadn’t noticed it before, but nor had I ever before experienced the unexpectedly weird sensation of seeing directly into the heart of a tree.

I stared, looking for it in every other.

"A tree is a living thing," said Helios. "Everything that lives, animal, plant and mortal has a little sun within its soul. It is up to them whether it shines or not."

Nature sure liked to shine in the sunlight.

"As you can see, my rays are appreciated by the flowers just as much as they are by the animals and humans."

It certainly appeared that way, the hedgerow daisies and dandelions beamed with vibrant colour. I felt happy and relaxed, skipped child-like along a path that led to a narrow river with a small waterfall.

I stopped and sat for a while, enjoying the scene; noticed the glints of gold in the trees. Every tree, now I happened to look.

"Mortals say they love the sun shine, they love the warmth. But they do not realise I am here behind it all," the invisible God continued. "Sunlight and water. Without these your world would be very different."

Sunlight and water seemed to me the best gift ever, that sunny day by the river.

"Without me, without my power and light your world would die."

Weird Thing About Sunlight

Fascinated by the sun-blessed interior of tree life, something even more astonishing happened in the rays of sunlight shining on the riverbank.

I saw tiny figures, only a fingernail’s width in height, sliding down the sun-beams and entering the soil.

There were living creatures in sunlight. Features indistinct, bodies flat and shapeless. Some bigger than others but I couldn’t detect if female or male.

I observed their activity.

Instead of vanishing on reaching the soil, as first I thought, they circled the ground. A small dinnerplate-sized circumference, turning golden as they moved. So many, some circles overlapped.

Then the figures travelled back up the light again and vanished.

It might have been a dance. Unexpectedly, their presence and performance caused in me a moment of mixed emotion. Felt power but also vulnerability and uncertainty. I didn’t understand why.

"The earth absorbs power and strength from these rays," was all Helios said by way of explanation.

Sunday in the Sun God's Hall

Sunday mornings in Isle of Wight towns have a special gentle quality. Smells of breakfast waft from open cafe doors; joggers jog; townsfolk exchange greeting and gossip on their way to and fro with newspapers.

Much the same as any place else in the world.

The town’s church doors open to anyone who wants to offer thanks to the Lord on the Lord’s Day.

Helios too opened doors that Sunday. He invited me inside the control room.

From the outside it looked like a giant circular flat-roofed structure built of enormous mirrored-glass panels. Bordered around its base circumference with water lily variety flowers.

Delicious exotic scent perfumed the air. Two golden-patterned doors, high as the roof silently opened as I approached.

Close inside the entrance doors stood a pair of tall solid gold pillars formed in spiral shape. A second pillar pair mirrored in the distance. Between these two structures, a huge decorative mosaic floor. Or so I thought on first glance.

I walked upon it, not so much a picture but a combination of symbols and numbers, and squiggles and stars, and eyes here and there.

All set in an enormous gold and lime green circle. A feeling of absolute, perfect peace filled my senses.

This is heaven. This is perfection,’ I whispered. It felt that good.

The Paths of Life

The floor design mirrored on the ceiling, identical pattern above as below.

I saw no furniture except a gold throne and a large square cushion on the floor. Faint throbbing sensation vibrated up through my feet. A repeated sequence of three pulses: throb, throb, throb, though not unpleasant.

Barefoot I felt the ridges and depressions in the floor’s design, felt the pulse travelling through.

"You are aware of the heartbeat of power under this floor," said Helios. "If you hear this sound, do not walk in the middle circle of the pattern that looks like a star." He paused on that warning.

"Otherwise, it is permissible for you to walk anywhere."

A giant 'X' of four equal length bars formed the centrepiece of the circle. I asked what it represented.

"Four paths. It is the pattern of life," Helios answered. "From this comes all the power."

I dropped to hands and knees, finger-tipped the floor's surfaces. Surprisingly, they felt both solid and soft to touch. Tingling sensations travelled up my arms, but still not unpleasant. I traced its patterns of triangles and squiggles.

I examined the combination of symbols but couldn’t figure out its meaning.

How the Sun God Is

Soundlessly a gauze-like screen descended from the ceiling, like a theatre curtain.

"There are objects and ornaments which are supposed to represent the great Helios. A round circle with a grinning face," Helios said. "That is not how I look."

The curtain looked thin but instantly shaded the hall, turned everything almost to darkness.

"Do not be afraid. This veil is to protect you from being burned."

The grey gauze billowed as a shining figure of light formed.

Even with the barrier protection between us I felt fierce heat. His body glistened gold and silver sparks, the brilliant aura reflected off floor and ceiling. But I clearly saw Helios' features.

For a brief moment he stood motionless, long-fingered hands outstretched in display. Open friendly face, golden eyes; head of short tight curls of golden hair. No beard.

Then he was gone. But the image remained imprinted in my eyes after the curtain veil lifted away, like a glimpse of the sun.

That was the one and only time I ever saw Helios.

Sundays in the Control Room

Every Sunday morning I visited the palace of light, invited to sit on the big comfortable cushion to watch the show.

It opened with a wide column of light beaming from ceiling to floor, directly into the centre of the circle. Golden beams, thin as wire, crossed and divided in intricate patterns; sometimes the centre revolved upward like a turntable.

Occasionally a smell wafted through the air of pine needles on a hot day in a forest.

Sometimes the light formed triangles, a slight whirring sound accompanied their movement. Sometimes football sized balls of sparkling light circled just above the floor, rolling and revolving, hypnotic to watch.

I once saw a tornado of light.

Eyes and symbols in the floor lit up, as they did in the ceiling. Sometimes the inner circle moved round while the 'X' revolved back and forward.

I didn’t know how what was happening affected the Isle of Wight community’s Sunday morning experience. But there were moments when I understood with certainty that I observed life itself.

Its plan delivered.

Love Powers the Plan

Different sections of the floor raised and dropped to present a different perspective and stream of thought. Surprisingly quiet, even at its busiest, the lightshow also generated emotion.

Love, strong as Eros’ revelation in the darkness. In Helios’ palace I truly experienced 'Divine light. Divine love'. It powered the plan.

Sounds of voices did occasionally enter the mix. Only faintly at the outermost edge of my awareness, and mostly multiple voices, male and female in combinations.

Too faint to clearly hear but felt the words’ vibration through the floor as if interlacing and fusing with that day’s delivery.

When I asked him, Helios informed me those sounds and vibrations were the voices of Gods.

Strong fragrance, maybe perfume, maybe incense flooded through the palace on those occasions. I took deep breaths.

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