Welcome to the supernatural spine-chilling, ghost-clustered world of Margo Williams. Discover ghostly tales, eerie legends; paranormal activity. Visit top haunted places and unleash the power of the Gods.
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Ghost Encounters Life & Death

You can’t eat your cake and have it,” is the truth we sooner or later accept in life. But you can. You do, just by living and dying.

In short: you die and still live. "But so what?” say ghosts who complain to Ghost Hunter Margo Williams the deal is more surprising than the expected lost bliss of death’s oblivion.

The landscape is the same, and yet it is a different environment wherein an obvious question is, obvious: After death, where is death?

Haunted Sites Featured in Life & Death

Billingham Manor | Gatcombe House | Appuldurcombe House | Knighton Gorges House | Keats Cottage Hotel, Shanklin |

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - Mary Rose. HMS Victory. HMS Warrior | Carisbrooke Castle |Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. | Versailles Palace Gardens, Paris, France.

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Ghost Encounters Heaven & Hell

States of mind, or destinations? Life’s demands are pressing enough without the worry of what comes after. So thank goodness our religious leaders offer us their visions of the afterlife, in hope, expectation, and wonder.

Ghost hunter Margo Williams shines a light on key mysteries, murders and miracles. Helped by those mostly invisible living dead who haunt our famous sacred sites and bloodstained scenes of public execution. Dare to be scared.

Haunted Sites Featured in Heaven & Hell

Old Rectory Mansion, Brading | St. Mary’s church, Brading | Botanic Garden, Ventnor | Old St Boniface church, Bonchurch | St. George’s church, Arreton | All Saints church, Newchurch |

Tower Hill & Tyburn Tree, London. | St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. | All Saints' church, Godshill | Hare and Hounds, Downend, Isle of Wight.

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Ghost Encounters Famous & Forgotten

When life's story ends the Hall of Fame is all most expect by way of afterlife. Is it then dark oblivion of nothingness for celebrities as it is for you and me.

Or do some become ghosts?

Yes, it happens surprisingly easily and often.

Ghost Hunter Margo Williams opens a Who’s Who of haunting in top haunted sites. Celebrities and non-celebrities share their views on the mixed blessings of failure and success.

Haunted Sites Featured in Famous & Forgotten

Chale | St. Catherine’s Tower, Blackgang | Longstone, Mottistone. | Nunwell House, Brading | Knighton Gorges House, Knighton | Westminster Abbey, London |

Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich | Tennyson Memorial & Farringford House, Freshwater | Dimbola Lodge Museum, Freshwater Bay | Brook Bay Beach.

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Ghost Encounters Royals & Rogues

Does royal birth guarantee golden ticket fast-track into Heaven?Kings and queens, princesses and princes. And presidents, by virtue of service to society, are they immune from becoming a common ghost?

Ghost Hunter Margo Williams opens gates and doors of famous castles and royal palaces in search of answers to this crucial question among the dust, debris and doomed multitude of the mostly-invisible. Rogues aplenty.

Haunted Sites Featured in Royals & Rogues

Carisbrooke Castle | Church Litten, Newport | Holyrood Street, Newport | Old Grammar School, Newport |Quarr Abbey, Binstead | Yarmouth Castle | Cowes Castle | Needles Old Battery | Shanklin Chine

Osborne House | Tower of London. | Placentia & Queen’s House, Greenwich, London | Windsor Castle | Queen’s Hamlet, Versailles, Paris France | Swainston Manor chapel, Isle of Wight.

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Ghost Encounters Destiny & Desire

Is your life’s journey mapped by the stars or laws of the jungle? Try the pilgrim’s trail from Canterbury Cathedral in Kent to Stonehenge at 4.43 am. Sunrise.

Ghost Hunter Margo Williams stops along the way at some top haunted sites.

Ghosts haunting the trail of the Grail reflect upon life’s bittersweet question: Is it good to get what you really really want? For example, meet King Arthur, reincarnated.

Haunted Sites Featured in Destiny & Desire

Hampton Court Palace, London | Corfe Castle, Dorset. | Winchester Cathedral | Cadbury Castle, Devon | Tintagel Castle, Cornwall | Dunster Castle, Somerset | Okehampton Castle, Devon |

Canterbury Cathedral | Tower of London | Jamaica Inn, Cornwall | Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset | Glastonbury Tor & Chalice Well | Avebury Henge, Wiltshire | Stonehenge, Wiltshire.

The Olympian Goddesses and Gods Collection

Unleash the power of Olympus. Unforgettable encounters with Olympian Goddesses and Gods.

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Olympian Goddesses and Gods: Coexistence

Children of the ocean, land-dwelling species humans evolved complex ways to survive on this spinning rock and ocean, planet earth.

As alarms sound on the consequences of plastic and industrial pollution, extinction is considered a real possibility.

Science is working on fixes, some of which include exporting us to other local planets. Our religious leaders assume God knows what He is doing, and we must have faith.

The Gods of the ocean have a big problem with humans. We don’t listen. Mostly we don’t believe in them though they are the guardians of the natural world. As are those who work to maintain life on dry land.

It is, as it always has been, a coexistence between us all.

As king captain Odysseus learned on his journey home from Troy city, the old Gods should be respected if we are to survive.

Coexistence Featured Goddesses and Gods

Circe | Amphitrite | Doris | Oceanus | Pontus | Glaucus | Phorcys

Scylla | Ceto | The Nereids | Tethys | Charybdis | Proteus & Nereus

Poseidon | Triton | Styx | Hygeia | Hestia | Ate & Litae

Pan, Silenus & Dionysus | Plutus | Aristaeus | Tyche | Nike |

The Harpies | Morpheus | Hypnos | Moros | Moera |

Hermaphroditus | Thaumus | Electra, Eurybia | The Graea | Fauna |

Gods of the Winds & Storm | Hermes

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Olympian Goddesses and Gods: Community

The origin of the old Gods was identified long ago, published circa 700 BCE listed in a report on the world’s creation. In a work entitled Theogony, “The birth of the Gods”.

Its author, poet Hesiod, described how the old gods came to be, to whom they are related and how they rule the cosmos.

Theogony provided a definitive list, direct from source, so he claimed from a single encounter in a field with the goddess collective known as the Muses. An astonishing accomplishment in dictation-taking opportunity by Hesiod.

But is it accurate?

Community Featured Goddesses and Gods

Erebus | Eros | Night | Isa | Rhea | Cronus | Coeus | Crius !

Theia | Mnemosyne | Phoebe | Themis | Hyperion | Iapetus |

Cyclopes | Hundred Handed | Metis | Demeter | Selene |

Helios | Larnatas | Kyron | Eos, Hemera & Leto | Artemis |

Phanes | Aether | Asclepius | Janus | The Hours |

Flora & the Festival of Flowers | Uranus | Phaethon | Atlas | Hercules |

Hesperides | Graces | Heliads | Heliades | The Muses |

Festival of Creation

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Olympian Goddesses and Gods Consequence

Outlawed two thousand years ago the Gods were dismissed as elements of a mythic Age; sometimes resurrected as Hollywood film stories to remind us of our primitive pagan past and to restore our faith in the spirituality of the present.

We are the makers of our own destiny many of us now believe. Long ago, our ancestors believed the Gods walked among us, sometimes wore our bodies to stir up conflict; married and had children with us; and when we died, we journeyed into the Underworld to dwell as frightened ghosts.

The Gods can wear us, and stir up conflict; and take us when we die. Some of our dead do live as frightened ghosts. But we are responsible for our own journey.

Consequence Featured Goddesses and Gods

The Keres | Hera | Athena | Aphrodite | Hephaestus | Ares | Apollo |

Iris & Dione | Enyo | Eris | Hebe & Ganymede | Zeus | Thanatos |

Hades | Hecate | Erinyes, Furies & The Eumenides | Nemesis |

Persephone | Harmonia | The Fates

Illustrative figurehead decoration

Olympian Goddesses and Gods. Choice is Yours

For the past two thousand years or so, probably longer, the names of the old goddesses and gods have not been spoken. Single God faiths have been the religion of choice for much of the world’s population.

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century some still insist on silence for unbelievers in their God and proclaim He alone favours their own particular form of devotion.

The world’s religious leaders mostly maintain an uneasy peace between their own tribe and others while insisting their God is the only real God.

The messed up world isn’t just plastic bottles, it is religion.

Which is why perhaps science’s dismissal of all religion is attractive but it too offers a different form of tribalism: non-believers in God.

Its consequences allied to industry are all-too evident in the rubbish-filled oceans and greedy environmental destruction on land.

Everyone should have the goddess or god they want. There are many.