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The Hours Goddess Collective. Queen Team of Karma

Guardians of Order, so the Hours collective of goddesses was known in ancient times. Responsible for delivering everything everywhere in the multiverse, on time.
Text title The Hours

Summary of Contents: The Hours in Mythology | Arrival and Appearance Dike | Eunomia | Knowing Everything Everywhere All at Once | Eirene and the Elysian Fields |

Festival Day - 16 May and 7 November (with Helios)

The Hours in Mythology

Hesiod listed the Hours' number as three: Dike, Eunomia and Eirene and related them as daughters of Zeus and Titan goddess Themis.

Other storytellers later claimed more Hours, ten at least, though names were not given.

Over the community of earth-life Dike’s responsibility was Justice, an assignment deemed impossible after Zeus saw how bad things were on planet earth, so Hesiod told.

Eunomia assigned as co-pilot to preside over Law enforcement.

Goddess Eirene’s gift was Peace.

The Hours Mythological references

Theoi The Horae

Goddesses, Gods and You

What kind of Heaven do you expect. Soft fluffy paradise of eternity, or oblivion of nothingness? Out-of-body survival expert Margo Williams discovered a surprisingly simple system of management and afterlife recycling.

There are many goddesses and gods in the community. Speaking their name aloud evidently sends a signal; creates a link to wherever they are at any given moment. If it works for you as it worked for Margo, and they respond, be respectful but be yourself. Honesty and thoughtfulness are appreciated.

Sacrifice nothing but your time. Most of them seemed approachable and appreciated being remembered.

The ancient temples that still can be found in some places, although mostly broken, are huge monumental structures; impressive sacred spaces, their scale designed to impress, to be worthy of divine visitation.

However, it is not the size and splendour of any sacred space but the sincerity of the person seeking contact.

Anywhere can be a temple.

Photo image of Margo Williams in Africa
Margo Williams in Africa
"Team Karma?" Nick Hammond asked out-of-body survivalist Margo Williams.

Arrival and Appearance Dike

"In Hesiod's story sense, yes. Is it correct? I can only share what they shared with me, and my answer is probably the same.

More Hours are listed and named in other ancient sources: such as Pherusa, Euporie and Othosie. However the trio of Dike, Eunomia and Eirene attended our individual invitation.

Dike, first to arrive.

A pale yellow orb of light appeared, accompanied by soft strains of music, distant but growing louder. A flare of brilliance, then the orb vanished. Its fading light formed a thin-faced female. Pale yellow eyes, pale eyebrows and eyelashes,

Yellow-fair-hair. Altogether pale complexion.

"To be singled out as an individual is rare," she gestured. "As we have always been honoured as a group. So it is an honour to have homage paid to me, Dike. I thank you for this," she added politely.

Short in stature for a goddess, she matched my height of five feet six inches tall. She wore a long yellow gown, girdle around waist. Light radiated an aura fragranced by violets.

The music played loud now. I felt moved by its sound, literally floated to its hypnotic soulful melody.

"We are aware of the work you are doing. It is time-consuming and needs courage." She sounded clear above the music, her speech perfect-timed like lyrics to a song.

Dike also was aware of the bliss I experienced in the music.

"Let yourself drift with it," she encouraged. "It is the sound of the mighty and great ones celebrating."

I drifted further, though I didn’t know to where and didn’t care.

"That’s right," she said, dreamily and distant. "Drift away. But if you drift too far you will not return." She paused. "Does that matter to you?"

Matter of Life and Death

An easy question to answer. It did not matter in the least. The music felt delicious. I didn’t care if I just drifted off into eternity.

Until an alarmed thought panicked me. 'I have to go back!’

With that thought came sudden halt.

Instantly I returned to where I was a moment ago.

Dike's pale scented light shone brightly. She beckoned me close. "Enter the light which shines around me."

Conscious of what had just happened, I didn’t move.

"Come," she insisted.

I stepped forward. The violet light carried vibration. Aware of how helpless I was rendered by the music, I tensed.

"Do not draw away. This will help you."

Her light felt like weak electric current. Not uncomfortable, just a faint tingle of energy. I let it happen.

"Bless you for what you do," said Dike and then she was gone.

Eunomia Arrival and Appearance

A second yellow orb of light appeared next day.

Its colour deeper than the first. A thin, sharp-featured goddess formed. Taller than Dike, short dark curly hair, light brown eyes; soft deep voice.

"It is a pleasure to be welcomed here, there is a feeling of serenity within, also love. I add my love to this," she said.

She too wore a long yellow gown, deeper in colour. Slightly older than Dike, not by much, thirty-something rather than late twenties.

"I am aware of the work you are doing," she continued. "Whatever work you have done in the past, it has never been as fulfilling or as important as this. What is a life? So short a time."

She offered her hand. "Now, come with me."

Yellow mist-light shredded, we stepped into a large room.

Walls lined with book-crammed shelves. I counted eight shelves per wall, they looked like sets of encyclopaedia books. Heavy sweet perfume hung in the air like incense, it caused a feeling of slight drowsiness.

Eunomia led along an aisle. "We are not well-known, but we have much power and are very important," she continued. "Some may call us great, some mighty." She stopped and turned to me, as if assessing.

"Others may not like us, depending on their life and how they live it." She gestured to the expanse of book shelves as if that explained everything.

"Your work is noted, and now you have taken on extra."

Knowing Everything Everywhere All At Once

It looked like a library, felt like a library. Aisles of books, though no information visible on any spine to indicate reference or contents.

The books looked old and well-used, and yet curiously unblemished and un-creased as if newly printed.

Three females were present in the room, but Eunomia offered no introduction.

A pale, twenty-something blue-eyed blue-robed female with auburn hair and long tapering fingers removed a book.

Working the next shelf, a young female, eighteen or so. Long hair of tiny curls and light-toned skin. She wore a pale blue gown draped over one shoulder, and open-toe silver sandals.

The third female stood taller, broader and older. Brown grey hair, African fifty-something. She wore the same design of gown but long to her ankles, barefoot.

She anticipated my question.

"This is the Room of Knowledge," she said. "Everything is here. What you need to know, you absorb while here."

I had felt its effect instantly, but only at that moment realised the room’s full force. Without even taking a book from any shelf, for that brief duration of time I knew everything there was to know about everything.

Now, then and what is to come. I even knew how many goddesses in the Hours’ collective and all their names.

"My blessings are upon you." Eunomia signalled an end to the visit, waved our return to my world. "May you be serene in the face of all adversity," she said.

"And may you have love for all gods and goddesses, no matter what happens." Then she was gone.

Eirene Arrival and Appearance

Eirene, third of the goddess Hours to visit arrived next day. In an orb of white light speckled with mauve. I had not seen her in the Room of Knowledge.

"My name is mentioned. I have been singled out from a group. This pleases me," her voice soft but deliberate. Green eyes, brown hair worn coiled high; proud face.

She wore a long loose gown with a cowl neck. Slightly older than the African goddess.

"We were unheard of by most mortals. The Hours, just minutes, sixty minutes, an hour." She paused over that underestimate of the infinite. "The courage you show with the mighty ones signifies the devotion which I know is sincere. Your path through life has become more interesting."

She reached for my hand and gently pulled. "You are now in the Elysian fields."

We stepped into a landscape of flowers, lots of flowers. Some looked like mauve and white orchids but many others I didn’t recognise. No paths, only fields way into the distance in every direction. Trees and bushes here and there.

Fields of regular size but no formal hedge boundaries. Divisions were created by bushes, not joined together but sufficiently close to create separate areas.

It looked natural rather than design.

The Elysian Fields

The 'Elysian fields' so stories told were located in Hades’ realm, an afterlife resort destination of heroes and the virtuous.

The landscape appeared empty except for the two of us. If heroes’ souls survived there, they were present as flowers and trees.

"Flowers of truth," said Eirene. "The trees offer tranquillity to all who pass under them. There is wisdom here."

And so I wandered for a while enjoying the perfume of the flowers. Sometimes I stood under a tree. With every step through that field I felt more relaxed, calmer in assurance of nothing whatsoever to worry about, ever.

Eirene gestured me to sit. "Today is a special one for us, our second in a year," she said lowering to sit beside me. "We celebrate many things, but quietly. This is a day of power."

The African goddess approached, accompanied by a pale skin female I didn’t recognise. Grey-eyes, long fair hair; robed in emerald green.

"We bring power with us," she said continuing the conversation as if she was party to it all along.

From the moment they arrived, an overwhelming sense of drifting swept over me. I felt carried backward as if the two newcomers had released something.

"We take you back through the years," said the elder goddess.

Images appeared in my mind, memories of myself at different ages: thirties, twenties and then childhood. Glimpses, brief flashes going back into infancy.

I expected them to end when I witnessed my own birth but the images continued.

Women I didn’t recognise, old and young. Men of different ages; more women, more men but I sensed they all had something in common. They all were me.

"Yourself throughout the centuries," she confirmed and added a review. "Some of these lives have been wasted, nothing achieved. Some were average, a few achievements and wasted hours. In some, much has been done."

The faces in carousel slowed to a halt, then gently I felt pulled forward.

"Now in this present life, little time has been wasted," she concluded.

The Hours gave me a fireworks finale. The images burst into sparks, rained down in a shower of tiny gold and silver lights. Some moved faster than others; occasional deep blue, though not often.

"These are the number of hours you have left in your life," said Eirene. "Golden hours, silver hours; a few dark blue ones but not many. Make good use of these you have left."

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