A brief guide to the world of Margo Williams.
Photo image of artefacts recovered directed by ghosts.
Artefacts recovered directed by ghosts.

Margo Williams

Born in Ashford Kent, UK in 1922 girl-with-the-strange-psychic-gifts Margo Williams left school aged 14 years. Worked in London telecoms during the war.

Met and married Walter, a chemical engineer munitions expert from Wales. Walter and Margo Williams accepted a post-war fish-industry job in Southern Africa and the couple moved to a make a new life.

Photo image of Margo Williams' passport
Interview. Margo Williams in Africa. A Serious Case of Spontaneous Combustion

Ghost Hunter's Losses and Gains

Margo and Walter returned to the UK in the 1970s. Settled on the Isle of Wight, in a seaside town described in an English-language book found in the African desert.

Margo took an interest in Buddhism and unexpectedly suffered a sensory loss of taste and smell. Loss lasted several years.

Then just as unexepected, restored. With a surprising bonus gift - ability to hear ghosts.

Understandably on hearing of this, scientist husband Walter wondered what was going on.

To help his wife, he resolved to prove the ghosts who came to visit were hallucination. Appliance of science. Margo noted what the ghosts had to say, and diligent, Walter checked the dates and details. Data.

And found it to be true.

So did a gathering of science-minded attendees at a conference where Walter presented his evidence. Margo Williams became famous for a while. National Media reported on the ghost hunter's case files and amazing finds of buried treasure on the Isle of Wight.

On reading the news, homeowners and business-people suspecting supernatural sitting-tenants got in touch by phone.

Margo's Ghost Story

From her case-files Margo produced a series of popular books relating her supernatural experiences with friends and ghost investigators.

Among these were Ghostly Adventures, Out of the Mist, Ghostly Gifts, and Ghostly Encounters, all of which related experiences in and around the Isle of Wight.

Her final case-files collected together much of the best of these classic books and are part of her Ghost Encounters series, edited by Nick Hammond who worked with Margo for the last 18 years of her life and accompanied her to mainland and European locations.

Collected together in five themes they tell Margo Williams' story of how it all happened and those who shared the ghost hunt.

Isle of Wight Ghost Hunter Margo Williams and Nick Hammond
Isle of Wight Ghost Hunter Margo Williams and Nick Hammond

"Thank You" to all the Rescue Team Members

Yes. “Thank You” to all the fantastic people who helped and worked with Margo; those many, many unsung heroes who looked for clues come rain or shine and moved mud and brambles to rescue people trapped as ghosts.

If you would like to know more about Margo Williams' investigations and life and death matters, read this book. Now available from Amazon.

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Ghost Encounters Life and Death. Now available from Amazon.co.uk