Goddess Harmonia and the Danger of Riches

Patron Goddess of perfect vibes, Harmonia offers simple advice on how best to harmonise in life's great game of snakes and ladders.
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Summary of Contents: Harmonia in Mythology | Arrival and Appearance | The Carnation Sea | Harmonia's Necklace | Money Money Money |

Festival Day - 5 May

Harmonia in Mythology

Harmonia is listed as daughter of Aphrodite and Ares. Old stories told of how she married a mortal human, albeit a high-ranking one - Cadmus, King of Thebes, who won grudging Ares’ permission to marry his daughter.

Cadmus’ gifts to his bride included a fabulous golden necklace wrought by god Hephaestus. Forged in the shape of serpents with a magic that gifted eternal youth and beauty to anyone who wore it.

The necklace’s properties also included a counter-measure bonus of unalloyed misfortune.

Its present whereabouts is a mystery.

Goddess Harmonia Mythological references

Theoi Goddess Harmonia

Goddesses, Gods and You

What kind of Heaven do you expect. Soft fluffy paradise of eternity, or oblivion of nothingness? Out-of-body survival expert Margo Williams discovered a surprisingly simple system of management and afterlife recycling.

There are many goddesses and gods in the community. Speaking their name aloud evidently sends a signal; creates a link to wherever they are at any given moment. If it works for you as it worked for Margo, and they respond, be respectful but be yourself. Honesty and thoughtfulness are appreciated.

Sacrifice nothing but your time. Most of them seemed approachable and appreciated being remembered.

The ancient temples that still can be found in some places, although mostly broken, are huge monumental structures; impressive sacred spaces, their scale designed to impress, to be worthy of divine visitation.

However, it is not the size and splendour of any sacred space but the sincerity of the person seeking contact.

Anywhere can be a temple.

Photo image of Margo Williams in Africa
Margo Williams in Africa
"Can humans marry a goddess or god?" Nick Hammond asked out-of-body survivalist Margo Williams.

Arrival and Appearance

"There are other stories about close relationships between God and mortal but I don't see how that could work out, even with gentle Harmonia. She did not ever share such information with me.

I can only imagine the frustrations caused by the relatively short duration of a human lifespan. Time is different for them, one day of ours is ten to fifteen years in their worlds, so I was informed.

That must affect relationship on any day-to-day basis.

Moreover, reincarnation mostly wipes clear memory of previous incarnations and we are not always the same gender each life. So my guess would be it probably doesn’t happen.

But I may be wrong to assume that, and Harmonia didn’t ever confirm the tale.

Her arrival was a display of awesome beauty. Rainbow of lights swirled and whirled in the air, accompanied by a delicious sweet fragrance of roses.

"I come to hear you honour me, and for that I bring love to create harmony," she said sweetly. "These lights you see are part of me, will bring you vitality. Let them be absorbed."

Rose-scented air changed into Lily of the Valley fragrance. In that transition appeared a young female formed from rainbow. Long dark hair framed a face of perfect complexion, perfectly heart-shaped.

Beautiful eyes changed colour, green into hazel to dark blue, then green again.

She held a garment in her hand. Brought it toward me, draped it over my shoulders. "My cloak. I place it around you."

So light I barely felt its touch but the blue-mauve silvered material instantly warmed and comforted.

The Carnation Sea

"I am a great and powerful goddess and this cloak will take away all aches and pains, or troubles. It will do you much good." She gestured. "Sit quietly for a moment of your time. Regain composure. You had a fright today. Rest."

Patiently, Harmonia waited and let the garment work its magic restoration.

"You experience horrific tests," Harmonia continued. "I believe in your sincerity without going to these lengths, and that you can have courage also without experiencing them. My ways are different to others."

She offered her hand. "Come."

We stepped into a sunlit field of flowers in bloom, carnations. I love carnations. On a path wide enough for two to walk side-by-side. A gentle wind tickled the pink and red petalled profusion either side.

Harmonia gestured. "I know these are your favourite, this is why I have brought you here, to absorb the beauty."

We walked in silence through a sea of carnation tranquillity. I felt memories of suffering in the monstrous claws of Scylla dissolve like the pain of bruises under the cloak.

"This is harmony," she said.

It was.

The path led to a stone bridge over a narrow river. The far bank looked forested but not dark and dense. Sun-speckled grassy clearings and clumps of bright bluebell clusters.

"My favourite flower," she said.

Harmonia's Necklace

I felt a sudden compulsion to pick some. Crossed the bridge and did so. Harmonia watched as I worked, gathering a pretty bunch. Bound them together with grass strands and then approached but not too close.

I laid them on the ground before her.

She seemed pleased, and in the mood that day to share the secret of how to harmonise. We walked through the woodland. Sunshine felt warm, air scented with nature and busy with insects.

"Harmony is one of the most important things in a mortal’s life," she said. "If riches come, it is meant. But never, never wish for great wealth." She paused, thoughtful a moment then added a warning. "I am gentle but I can be angered."

I didn’t see sign of jewellery around Harmonia's neck.

Legend told of how Cadmus' family mislaid the golden serpent necklace. It surfaced from time to time, here and there in the human community.

Became a must-have treasure, desired object of the mythological world’s most famously unlucky women.

It was placed for safekeeping in Athena’s temple at Delphi, so no one else ever craved its gift and suffered its curse.

Until 340 BCE when greedy tyrant Phayllus stole it for his mistress.

Harmonia said nothing to me of its present location. Whether someone out there among us wears it now, or knows in which vault it is a hidden trophy.

She seemed troubled enough about the human community not to add its mischief to the mix, if you want my opinion.

"Your world is a sad place, at present," she continued. "Yet I see some improvement. Violence, in time will fade away and harmony will rule. Much will change for the better," was her promise.

Money Money Money

Encouraged by her optimism for our future, I wondered how many Isle of Wight folk think their life would be better if they won the big money lottery ticket.

Most probably.

In my world financial worries cause disharmony. Harmonia seemed to suggest excess wealth has the same effect. Nemesis too.

A price worth paying for financial security, multi-billionaires probably say. Riches buy the best problem-solving lawyers, and surgeons to prolong youth and beauty.

Not for ever, and not always for the best. But no magic misfortune so it seems.

I understood Harmonia’s warning to mean great wealth can be gifted but is a danger best avoided.

She didn’t explain why and I only ever drew one conclusion - it is the hardest test of character, that too often leads to catastrophic failure.

Proof of which always can be seen in Hades' educational facility, and heard in the Underworld's discordant chorus of suffering.

Excessive wealth can be a dangerous snake, not a ladder in the game of Life. That is my interpretation of Harmonia's advice.

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