Goddess Nemesis the Beautiful

Goddess Nemesis tried to explain to me a simple truth about the workings of fate and free will: It’s complicated.
Text title Nemesis

Summary of Contents: Nemesis in Mythology | Room of Doom | Accountancy. Sin and the Bottom Line | Hall of Lifetimes | Control Room 1 | Nemesis' Power | Deadliest Gift

Festival day - 14 December

Nemesis in Mythology

Hesiod lists goddess Nemesis as daughter of Nyx, or Goddess Night. Often linked by name to her ancient sanctuary temple site of Rhamnous in Greece.

Other sources list her as daughter of Erebus.

Goddess Nemesis Mythological references

Goddesses, Gods and You

What kind of Heaven do you expect. Soft fluffy paradise of eternity, or oblivion of nothingness? Out-of-body survival expert Margo Williams discovered a surprisingly simple system of management and afterlife recycling.

There are many goddesses and gods in the community. Speaking their name aloud evidently sends a signal; creates a link to wherever they are at any given moment. If it works for you as it worked for Margo, and they respond, be respectful but be yourself. Honesty and thoughtfulness are appreciated.

Sacrifice nothing but your time. Most of them seemed approachable and appreciated being remembered.

The ancient temples that still can be found in some places, although mostly broken, are huge monumental structures; impressive sacred spaces, their scale designed to impress, to be worthy of divine visitation.

However, it is not the size and splendour of any sacred space but the sincerity of the person seeking contact.

Photo image of Margo Williams in Africa
Margo Williams in Africa
"Are Nemesis' tests harsh?" Nick Hammond asked out-of-body survivalist Margo Williams.

Nemesis' Room of Doom

"As almost every god and goddess set tests, you may assume those given by Nemesis were harsh but in truth she gave me healing most often, and when she did test it wasn’t so bad.

She arrived, hooded as always but pushed back, revealing her hooked nose and wrinkle-racked parchment face. Eyes more grey than dark, her presence not so threatening.

"You are shaking," she said. I was, couldn't help it.

Gently she lifted me away, and into a large stone cavern chamber. Felt like deep inside a mountain, or somewhere in the Underworld.

Nemesis took a seat at a table carved from a rectangular chunk of grey stone heaped with parchments, rolled scrolls and age-worn leather bound ledger-like books. She beckoned me forward.

But I stopped to stare at the chamber’s walls. From floor to ceiling every wall was covered in photos, magazine-like images of varied sizes.

Some were pictures of happy family groups smiling to the camera. But others were horror images of gruesome accidents and homicide in gory variety. A massed montage of human life and death.

I didn’t recognise any of the people.

Nemesis slapped her hand on a book, the sudden noise snapped my attention to her.

She pushed back the hood completely from her head. Her face matched the colour of a parchment she picked up. She held it up and unrolled it a little, but I could see it was long.

I was surprised to see no information screens. No lights, no tech.

"This is how your life was planned, from birth to what you call death." She stared hard, her face line-wrinkled more than any old person I had ever seen, and such a horrible yellow colour. She stared hard at me as if expecting a response.

The intensity of her gaze felt nerve-racking. She rolled up the scroll.

A ledger lay opened flat on the table-top. I noticed little red marks dotted in places, dried red blobs slightly raised like droplets of sealing wax, or something else.

"You wonder what these are?"

Accountancy. Sin and the Bottom Line

She ran a fingertip down the lines and tapped a series of red marks.

"These are sins that souls are not sorry for. To regret something you have done, which you think was wrong, usually brings forgiveness." She stopped at an entry in the ledger. "But this is where bad things have happened and the soul is not sorry."

Nemesis gestured a long-fingered hand over the heaped rock desktop. "Everything a mortal does is known. Records are kept. Every sin is here, every good deed is there."

The way she moved her hands over the parchment piles on the table suggested she knew precisely where everything was, and could be found despite the apparent muddle.

“Sin”, a small word, it sounded old-fashioned.

She picked up the big leather-bound ledger, opened it two thirds of the way and ran her finger down its entries, then turned the page. I saw lots more red blobs.

"It is all recorded. The men and women listed here, I pity them. If I have any pity,’ she added, coldly.

I stared at Nemesis’ ancient hard face, felt fear and revulsion. She closed the ledger with a heavy thump, rose from the table and came toward me.

"This is how you see me. This is how I work. There is no place for beauty in work, not as I do it."

I feared my thoughts had angered her.

"There are times when I do not work. At celebrations," she paused on that thought. "I tell you, you a mortal woman, at times I like to attend festivities, competing with other goddesses. Even Aphrodite. Look!"

A ripple of golden light pulsed over her crone-wizened face and down her body. The beaked nose reduced, deep face wrinkles smoothed as skin tightened. Eyes changed to soft dark, sensuous and beautiful.

Nemesis' Hall of Lifetimes

Astonished, I watched as colour flooded through her hair, infusing it rich red brown. The yellow faded from her skin, her complexion now fresh and lively.

She shrugged shoulders, instantly the dark hood and cloak disappeared. Nemesis stood dressed in a stylish pale blue gown. She nudged me to move.

"Come, I will show you something."

I followed through an arch into a bright-lit gallery, fifteen feet or so wide. Walls papered with overlapping chart-like diagrams, 'A3' size. I looked close-up at one and another beside it.

Each included a single large circle and a multitude of marks. A curious language of symbols, constellations of random-seeming dots and ticks and odd-looking squiggles and cross-shapes. Some of which seemed to be upside down.

But I sensed each chart was different, each unique.

The gallery looked endlessly long and entirely covered by the diagram charts, way into the distance.

"These are maps of every mortal life," said Nemesis.

Yes, maps. They looked like maps, millions upon millions.

Control Room 1

Nemesis ushered me through an archway into another chamber. Its wall featured an enormous map detailed on light brown parchment, twenty feet wide and high.

Coloured lines criss-crossed, intertwined up, down, sideways and diagonally. Some red, some green; straight lines of every colour crossed from point to point. No names, no writing, only lines.

She pushed me close to it. "I look upon this chart to where you feature."

I stared, absolutely no idea which bit was me. It was the most complicated diagram I ever saw.

"You have every reason to be proud of yourself. As long as you follow the plan!" She traced a line with elegant hand, so different to those elongated fingers of the old crone. The line lit up as she followed it. She turned to look at me, as if gauging how much I understood, if at all.

She waited a moment longer, and then gestured for me to follow back into the gallery of life-plans but I stopped to watch. Nemesis transformed.

Face and body again rippled with light. A ginger-haired middle-aged white woman wearing a royal blue gown walked beside me, hair arranged in a single plait over left shoulder.

"You pay homage to so many of us but you do not ask for anything for yourself," she said, conversationally. Voice sounded the same as Nemesis’ but she was someone completely different.

"You are entitled to do this. We like to be asked for help, or for anything, within reason. But do not ask for great wealth."

Nemesis' Power

Without breaking stride it happened again, a slender young woman with fair hair hung in a ringlet. Blue eyes, a smiling mouth and perfect pink white complexion.

A moment later beside me was a woman in mid twenties, olive brown skin, black hair and dark eyes. Body not so slender, more a classic type of figure, with larger breasts.

She laughed at my astonishment. "I take on as many forms as I wish. That is a power I have."

Again the light played on features, skin turned even darker. Body expanded to form a hugely fat African woman, ebony black. Beautiful black eyes, full lips; short curly hair and this time an accent to match.

"I choose how I appear, depending upon my mood," she gestured. "I show you these changes, so you will never think of me in any special way. Only my name, and the great power I have."

The gallery of life plans seemed to stretch away from us for miles. I looked back, we already had walked quite some distance.

"Now you may continue your earthly duties. Gently slide back into that shell you call a body," she gestured. "I give you my blessings. Enjoy yourself at our times of celebration without being foolish, this I do not like. But dance and sing and be happy."

Nemesis' Deadliest Gift

I returned often to Nemesis’ map chambers, the photograph pictures on the cavern walls always were changing and yet always the same: human life in snapshots, happiness and horror.

Whether they were things to come for those individuals or events passed and recorded on her wall, she didn’t say.

Nemesis admitted we are not compelled to follow those plans. That freedom and our rapidly expanding world population may explain why she sounded so irritable when speaking to me. But at no point did I sense things were out of, or beyond her control.

"I have a vast amount of influence on mortals. Therefore I am the greatest of all goddesses. The mightiest, the kindest, and the cruellest," was all she shared by way of personal information.

But I saw why Nemesis is among the deadliest.

No other goddess or god transformed so completely, so often. I assumed most could though in my experience with them, few did. But those who did so usually transformed only from one form into another and back again.

Nemesis’ fluidity of form was exceptional even among the Gods.

So, when she intervenes to deliver disfavour - or favour, if kindness is her dispatch - you and I and anyone else on her list will have no idea what form she will take.

And at her broken sanctuary temple site, Nemesis told me how she effects a crueller consequence than death.

Life is her gift.

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