Margo Williams Interview

Image of passport photo of Margo Williams

Margo Williams Interview. A Serious Case of Spontaneous Combustion. Part 1.

An Interview with Margo Williams. Nick Hammond searched for something fishy in Margo Williams' backstory, and found it.
9 min read
Photo montage image of Margo Williams and tribal people in Africa

Margo Williams Interview. Part 2 Sweet Thursday in a Cannery Town

Bomb-Damaged London far behind, Margo and her chemical engineer husband worked in an African laboratory where white people were weirder than black people. But a new and better fish-testing job opportunity appeared in the desert.
9 min read
Photo montage of Margo Williams and scenes of Whaler Station in Africa

Margo Williams Interview Part 3. Only Hotel in Hellsville

Margo and Walter Williams made friends and enemies in the stinking desert cannery town where giants dressed for low beamed church on Sunday. Next stop Hellsville.
7 min read