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Exploring the Haunted Isle of Wight. Ghostly Encounters and Spooky Legends. Top 10.

Most haunted site on the Isle of Wight, nominated world's most haunted island is a challenging choice. Is top spot based on numeric concentration of ghosts in one place? Ghost Hunter Margo Williams investigates.
Photo image of Billingham Manor, Isle of Wight.
Billingham Manor, Isle of Wight.

Most Haunted Site on the Isle of Wight?

Or is most haunted site determined by force of ghostly mischief and malice that makes a site more disturbingly untenable than others?

The brilliant island paranormal investigator Gay Baldwin's book series "Ghosts of the Isle of Wight" is a must-read for everyone. Proves every PTSD case among the ghost-disturbed living is unique.

Ghosts can be scary. So salute the brave owners of Billingham Manor whose home was so frightening even a special-forces General conceded a permanent reposting.

The full-English breakfast of a haunting. Supernatural screaming, flying objects and sights so terrifying no one slept long within its walls, not even the Army's bravest officer.

Ghost Island. Isle of Wight. World's Most Haunted Island?

Best Places to Ghost Hunt on the Isle of Wight.

But everyone has a favourite, and perhaps most ghost hunters might choose Carisbrooke Castle, a big old building with lots of history.

But what about Farringford House in Freshwater, haunted by multiple ghosts; or Brading's Old Rectory Mansion where mystery surrounds a skeleton found under the floorboards?

Or Golden Hill Fort? Or the Longstone near Mottistone which seems to attract souls of the departed. Local detectorists in the fabulous Sun Inn in nearby Hulverstone, sometime close to Last Orders insist Ghost Island is so badly haunted due to it being a hub of ley line connectivity.

And maybe it is.

Some have a different skill set, and add to the data in other ways, perhaps in support of the above.

Image of Press report on Isle of Wight Ghost Hunter Margo Williams
Isle of Wight Ghost Hunter Margo Williams

Ghost Hunter Margo Williams.

A few years or so before Spengler, Venkman and Zeddermore's Ghostbusting agency in Ghostbusters, Isle of Wight Ghost Hunter Margo Williams was, for many years, the go-to-call service for those with a ghost problem.

Every ghost site is unique.

What 'ghost-detecting' equipment works best? Any equipment depends upon which point of view is preferred on what exactly is 'a ghost'.

What is a Ghost?

Some people believe ghosts are atmospheric photographs, bursts of emotional moments so intense they imprint into the electromagnetic field of a location site. Like memories, they replay the scene and can be picked up by a witness of sufficient sensitivity.

Other people believe ghosts are the spirit bodies of 'dead people' trapped in a site location unable to find the exit. This view is based on centuries of religious teachings that the human soul is immortal and personality survives death of the physical body.

Some religious influencers believe ghosts to be 'demons', sinister forces inspired by the devil. This opinion may be due to the core teaching that the good - or believers in that particular religion - are automatically assured of entry into Heaven and therefore cannot be prevented from reaching that destination.

Photo image of Isle of Wight map 1850
'Ghost island'. Isle of Wight circa 1850.

Science's Position on Ghosts.

Science mostly does not accept ghosts because proof is hard to capture, though photographs from pre-app days do exactly that. Ghosts can be photographed.

There is no 'ghost in the machine' to become a ghost is the working assumption. Consciousness, or the sense of 'me in here' is an avatar product of electro chemical processes generated by the brain.

Any and all Near death experience N.D.Es of body separation as reported in hospital emergency units, are 'sweet finale' hallucinations caused by the last transmission of that individuals' expiring brain.

No one so far has measured exactly how long that transmission continues in terms of seconds, minutes or hours. Or days, weeks, years and centuries.

'Dark' Means Invisible?

Some island ghost-hunters wonder if ghosts are trapped in the Dark Energy and Dark Matter mystery, the properties of which are not yet understood or visible. Science's own data confirms as much as 90% of our universe is invisible; influenced by undetectable energies and influence. Possibly swallowed in a giant Black Hole.

Which means, until we know what is hidden and its influence, no one can say with certainty what is and what is not a ghost.

Does Any Equipment Work to Capture a Ghost?

Yes. Since the invention of photography, many unexplained appearances have been 'captured', long before the arrival of image manipulation software apps.

Do these prove the existence of ghosts? Maybe.

Do EMF (electromagnetic field) gauges and thermometers work? Or thermal cameras? That might depend on what theory of ghosts you work from. Do ghost bodies emit cold, rather than heat like a live body? What about atmospheric photographs, does their appearance lower the ambient temperature in the haunted location? Maybe.

Any and all detection equipment preference is personal choice. What works best for you, is best.

How Not to Become a Ghost.

The work of Margo Williams was not so much ghost 'hunter' as ghost rescuer. Psychic since childhood, Margo's enhanced sense abilities allowed her to engage with ghosts. Her work reveals that some ghosts are atmospheric photographs, phenomena which she calls 'Time-slips' and some are 'spirits of dead people', individuals trapped by accident or intention by others.

For some it is personal choice.

Local ghost experts claim the Isle of Wight is the world's most haunted island, and maybe this is correct. No one knows for sure, and given the reluctance of ghosts to appear on demand for confirmation, chances are no one ever will.

Photo image of old Royal National Hospital, on the current site of the Ventnor Botanic Garden, among the Isle of Wight's top haunted  sites.
Royal Nation Hospital site, now the Ventnor Botanic Garden, among the Isle of Wight's top haunted sites.

Top 10 Haunted Sites on the Isle of Wight

Carisbrooke Castle

Old Rectory Mansion, Brading

Appuldurcombe House, Wroxall

Old Sun Inn, Newport

Ventnor Botanic Garden

St. Catherine's Oratory, Blackgang Road, Niton

Nunwell House, Brading

Osborne House, East Cowes

Knighton Gorges House site, Knighton

Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater Bay

Thank you for your company on this short tour of Isle of Wight mysteries and haunting. If you would like to know more about Margo Williams' investigations of the paranormal read this book. Now available from Amazon.

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